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Display Screen Equipment Assessments (DSE).


“Work related back pain is responsible for more than 15 million sick days in the UK. “


DSE Assessments - Health & Safety Consultants Dorset


“66% of employees with back pain feel it is work related and do not receive enough support from their employer.”

Occupational Health is a field of Health & Safety who’s main concern is your safety, health & welfare when at work.

We can provide DSE Guidance and Workplace Assessments for office based businesses on an individual or contract basis. Helping to ensure your employees’ safety and comfort at work with our detailed office assessments and recommendations.

Full Ergonomic Workplace Assessments from Chartered Physiotherapists

Our Occupational Health Physiotherapists specialise in getting you set up at your desk in maximum comfort.

We take specific measurements from you, your chair and your workstation to ensure a perfect fit that can help to reduce pain at work, and maximise productivity.

Whether you are returning to work following an episode of neck or lower back pain, or just feel uncomfortable at your current workstation – we can provide a tailored solution.

During your Assessment, our clinicians will take note of your current working posture and how that may be impacting on your symptoms.

Any alterations that can be made then and there will be done so to increase your comfort.

Following your assessment we will provide you or your employer with a detailed report of any adjustments made, or any further changes that may be recommended.


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